Swift feedback
during sales

To increase the results of sales we recommend our solution, the Early warning system. With our software there is a way to receive early evaluations from your field workers, thus the process of decisions becomes faster and if needed the operator/leader can intervene into the sales procedure.

To use our software the only appliance needed is a mobile phone. After this the sale workers can send a text message or e-mail with their report to a dedicated address - our system creates cumulative statistics from those.

Other useful facts

  • the parameters can be adjusted, works with multiple channels and hierarchy levels
  • reachable from anywhere, anytime with the help of a mobile application
  • cost and time efficient
  • has an admin site where you can further analyse the reports

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The Guidance Ltd. was established in 2002. Our company's main tasks are planning, implementing and operating of web applications, special instant products and integrated softwares like financial websites. We perform nearly all of our duties as a subcontractor of multinational firms.

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