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From simple to complex - Generate shifts and schedules easily using intelligent algorithms.

Our BeO application is an effective solution for companies of any size. Beo allows assigning employees to different shifts and creating the optimal shift schedule.


What is BeO?

Schedule generation - quickly and easily

  • Web-based application, no installation is required.
  • Different duration and/or continuous work schedule, technical time and number of shifts can be set (single or multi-shift, apprentice, day, afternoon, night shift).
  • Can be used installed or cloud-based. Works on mobiles and tablets.
  • Shifts can be planned monthly or weekly periods.
  • Depending on the availability of employees, Beo can handle student jobs or any other special scheduling situations.
  • BeO complies with the law; you don't have to check holidays and other data manually.
  • BeO has clean user interface and easy navigation.
  • Employees can be divided into groups and can be managed simultaneously and independently.
  • Durations can be changed at will (periods, breaks, vacations, etc.).
  • Employees can request a change or leave. Managers can allow these requests with a few clicks.
  • After the schedules are generated, employees can see all important information on an easy-to-use interface, even on mobile devices.
  • Generation Wizard makes shift generating and scheduling even faster and easier.
  • We further increased the flexibility of generating shifts and positions.
  • Shifts and schedules can be exported to Excel and printed.

Who do we recommend?

  • Call centers, customer service companies
  • Companies employing students or workers with flexible or multiple shifts
  • Hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, spas, massage parlors, health care providers
  • Delivery companies, security guard companies, facility management companies, cleaning companies
  • Temporary work agencies, student's cooperatives
  • Agricultural companies, contractors, companies employing seasonal workers
  • Retail and wholesale businesses, shops, shopping malls, concert halls, cinemas, theaters
  • Enterprises, logistics companies, service providers, software developer companies
  • For home office management

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