Provision of IT resources

We recommend our service to clients who need to engage external experts on a time basis for project implementation.

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Why should I use external resources?

The construction ensures our clients cost-effective resource utilization while maintaining professional control. Our specialists are available part-time or full-time and, solve the tasks that arise remotely or at our customers' premises as needed.

Access to the most advanced and latest technologies and expertise at affordable costs.

A flexible and fast solution to resource needs, even within a few days. Either individually, in a team, or as a complete solution.

Why choose us?

  • We provide specialists
    We offer experts at various levels to meet the outlined needs: junior, medior, senior, and expert roles. Whether it's solving problems that require individual work or expanding the resources of an existing internal team.
  • We provide teams
    In the case of larger-scale, longer-term jobs, it is often necessary to adjust the actual tasks, priorities, required professional competencies, and resource needs during the project. Our team-based approach, with its flexible structure, ensures optimal resource utilization and cost efficiency.
  • We provide solutions
    Our highly skilled IT professionals, with over 10 years of experience, will be assisting in translating business concepts into IT projects. They can be involved in the project from the initial phases through the planning processes, clarifying business requirements, resource planning, and managing the implementation until project completion.
  • IT market expertise, customer focus, flexibility.

The following types of experts are available to our clients

  • Architect;
  • Software Developer;
  • UX Expert;
  • Manual and Automated Software Tester (Test Manager, Test Coordinator);
  • Database and Data Migration Expert;
  • Project Manager;
  • Business Analyst and System Organizer

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Software development and operation trainings

Enterprise-level expertise with small-business flexibility

Guidance Ltd. was established in 2002
Our company's main tasks are planning, implementing and operating web applications,
special instant products and integrated softwares like financial websites.
We perform nearly all of our duties as a subcontractor of multinational firms.

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