Our solution for
cost-free messaging

The Push SMS solution’s goal is to reduce the cost coming from the SMS messaging and offer a substitute solution. The growing reach of smartphones now makes it possible to send push notifications, which are much cheaper, not to mention that the mobile users are already used to them.

Our solution is made up from a web page for the admins and from a mobile app. On the web the messages can be written, sent out, also there are statistics to boost. The mobile application can be used as a standalone software, or it can be integrated into an already existing system (like a mobile bank). The push notifications arrive through this app.

Why should you use Push SMS?

  • the cost of notifications can be reduced
  • with only a few clicks a personalised message can be made
  • with the reports the user groups can be analysed further

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The Guidance Ltd. was established in 2002. Our company's main tasks are planning, implementing and operating of web applications, special instant products and integrated softwares like financial websites. We perform nearly all of our duties as a subcontractor of multinational firms.

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