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Web applications

Our web solutions are customized to our clients’ needs with the goal to provide a full scale service. These solutions help out with the most common problems, making the work cost and time efficient. The softwares can be changed according to your needs so it will fit perfectly into the company’s profile.


Web portal soulitons

Scheduling software

Scheduling made easy

Early warning system

Swift feedback during sales

Document manager tool

Form-filling and process monitoring automatised

Debt collecting system for governments

Automatized debt collecting

Authority request helper

Faster authority request processes

Procurement supporting Workflow

Effective communication between procurer and supplier

Guidance Treasury Center (GTC)

Sales and client management system

Mobile applications

We have mobile specific solutions as well, so we can give up-to-date technologies for our clients. We customize our applications as per the customer’s request, also we can provide these apps on all the popular operation systems!


Banking with mobile, safely

Sales supporting tool

Interactive sales on mobile device


Protection for mobile devices

Push SMS

Our solution for cost-free messaging

P2P paying

Making transaction easier

Location based push SMS

Targeted, personalised messages to your clients

Developing mobile applications

Administration with mobile, safely