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Scheduling software

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Scheduling made easy

Our shift planning software gives a solution to any company with a 24 hour working system, let it be a call center, logistics company or any other trading unit with a large headcount. This product will help in reducing the cost and time of scheduling the employees into shifts, while making the most efficient shift system available. Since our solution is web based, there is no need for installation, it simply runs within a web browser. The workers also can exchange their shifts, this way your employees’ satisfaction can be increased, making their results more efficient as well.

What other advantages can you get with our solution?

  • we keep an eye on the connected laws
  • the settings’ parmeters can be changed
  • durations of time are variable (periods, breaks, holidays)
  • group administration independently from the others
  • useful reports from the stored data

Try out our application now! Click here for the demo version: (username: demo, password: demo)


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