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Banking with mobile, securely

Nowadays the mobile devices' number and capabilities became significant. Every company with online appearance try to be available on mobile platforms too. It is natural for the younger generation to manage and administrate their tasks on mobile. So the expansion to different mobile operating systems is necessary.

The goal is to be effective – for example the simplification and acceleration of banking. The Guidance Kft. offers solutions, that beyond the essential functions offer additional possibilities making even one-click administrations possible.

We develop native mobile applications, wich have several benefits:

  • immediate, fast reaction
  • much better user experience
  • a lot of untapped potential, modern design
  • best use of the capabilities of the phone
  • simple access with the application store
  • the use and the statisfaction are well monitored - immediate feedback

Mobile bank's architecture

  • built on the bank's architecture
  • independent from the current banking systems
  • the application server operating inside the bank
  • every platform communicate with the same server


  • standard Java server environment
  • easy to install
  • the install package contains only one file
  • detailed logs for efficient debugging
  • the client application can be update from the application store
  • low resource requirements


  • level is equal to Netbank
  • authentication and authorization
  • the application server operating inside the bank
  • the clients use the HTTPS channel for communication with the server

Poject predictability

  • ready for buy
  • no need for more develop
  • super-fast integration
  • predictable cost and troughput
  • minimal risk
  • demo application

Try out our application!

You can test several function in our demo application:

  • HUF and foreign currency accounts
  • detailed account history
  • transition between personal accounts
  • HUF transfer to saved contact
  • branch and ATM search
  • foreign exchange rates for individuals
  • news
  • contact

We can develop even more function, everything what you might need. For example: messages, push notification (even location based push notification), currency exchange and conversion, deposit handling, double or group signs, mobile device registration, built-in software token.


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