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GuiVersity 2.0- Junior Web Developer Program

Since our Junior Web Developer Program has been very successful in the previous years, we decided to launch it this year as well.

The JAVA training of four of our new colleagues started in January 2016. We believe that the focused training of young graduates or less experienced but pro-active colleagues creates a win-win situation.

  • Young graduates wishing to gain deeper understanding of web programming will have the opportunity to learn programming languages used by Guidance (primarily JAVA and other frameworks and web solutions) from highly experienced colleagues.
  • Our company will gain new colleagues who are loyal and in possession of the practical knowledge we need. After a few weeks they can join in to variable and exciting development tasks.

It is a matter of fact that real development tasks provide a much quicker and more effective way of acquiring knowledge, and this will of course be complemented by theoretical lectures. Guidance has published its own educational material to help colleagues acquire the necessary practical knowledge. Participants will have the opportunity to work in a welcoming and creative atmosphere, in a flexible work schedule if necessary, so the program can be reconciled with other educational engagements.

We trust that the time we invest in education will prove very fruitful.

2016. 03. 03.